Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Certification

Yesterday I passed the Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer certification, and have to say that after several years of designing and implementing Salesforce integrations it wasn’t very difficult at all. The questions were fairly straight forward and more often than not there was a clear choice of answer unlike some Salesforce exams where questions can be a bit ambiguous and the answers all appearing to be feasible.

I would say that if you cover these topics well and in addition have a few years experience actually integrating Salesforce then you should find the exam no issue at all:

  • Outbound Messages (pro’s and cons) *Lots of questions with Outbound messages as a possible answer
  • Bulk API, its use and its limitations
  • API limits and governor limits regarding integrations and messaging
  • SOAP API, its use, and limitations *lots of questions
  • Difference between Enterprise/Partner WSDLs
  • Salesforce to Salesforce integration
  • REST API, its use, its pros and cons
  • Middleware, when to know that using middleware is the best solution, i.e lots of translations or message handling/logging
  • Data Migration, in particular performing large data inserts, best practice to minimise system load and reduce record lock risks
  • External Ids, what are they, how are they used…


Some useful material I used to refresh my knowledge a day or so before exam:


Reference materials:


I hope the above helps, and if you have anything to add to the list above please feel free to comment and I will add it in.

Good Luck!



2 thoughts on “Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Certification

  • October 17, 2017 at 7:51 am

    Hi Darren,
    Thank you for sharing this information, I am preparing for this certification next month.
    Do you think there will be any changes since you gave this exam ?

    Sandesh Kulkarni

    • October 17, 2017 at 8:55 am

      Hi Sandesh,
      I don’t imagine there will be any significant changes since I took it a few months ago.

      Good luck!



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