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So one of Salesforce’s big announcements at this years Dreamforce was Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein is the platforms entry into the AI market, and the obvious platform direction given that Salesforce is already one of the leading platforms for offering users a 360 degree view of customers. The core product pillars; Sales, Service & Marketing clouds give Salesforce access to a rich insight into a business and add to that other services, integration options and the amount of data collected by all the connected smart devices used in businesses and by customers, and Salesforce has the potential to be connected to a colosal amount of business & customer data.

Einstein is like having your own data scientist dedicated to bringing AI to every customer relationship.

So what will Einstein offer above and beyond all the automated tools such as Flow, Process Builder etc? Well, in the keynote speech at Dreamforce, they talked about existing platforms and features such as targeted advertising when browsing Amazon and Netflix suggestions. They then went on to suggest ways that AI can facilitate businesses in Salesforce such as informing which leads were likely to convert into opportunities, or which cases are more likely to be escalated.

AI too complex

Salesforce along with the collaboration of several other companies, (MetaMind, RelateIQ, Beyondcore, Implist…) have worked together to build Einstein, with the intention of bringing AI to the masses. No longer do companies have to embark on expensive data science projects and infrastructure, they can utilise the platform either using code or declerative config to build AI-powered apps.

Smarter, faster and more predictive…

Salesforce AI is already built into the platform and so underpins all features, requires no activation and so can be leveraged immediately. This means that it can start to use your data to make predictions, recommend best actions and automate users tasks.

So, as I have said, Salesforce AI is all about machine learning from the data collated across the Salesforce landscape within your business, which in essence is the data lake all AI projects stem from, but if all this is out of the box, what about the customisation companies have made to their orgs? Well, Salesforce claim that Salesforce Einstein is smart enough to cope with all customisation due to Salesforce fundamentalaly being metadata driven.

Your users bring their expertise to frame business questions, and Salesforce Einstein builds the best machine learning model to find answers.

Salesforce Einstein runs in the background, learning, building insights, and displaying he most important discoveries it makes and which it believes  are the most important to you at that time.

As with all new Salesforce features it will be a little while before we start to see how we can make use of this and just how easy it will be to add business value, however for now you can follow the new Trailhead module.

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